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Welcome, From Joe Blaze III, Business Manager/Financial Secretary-Treasurer.

Organized labor is probably one of the most necessitated, complex and political organizations in the United States. But, at Local #55, we make it easy. We represent more than 1,000 well-trained Ironworkers, and we’re still growing. The average age of our workforce is 40 years old. The majority of our workforce carries a multitude of certifications including: welding, OSHA, scaffold, fork truck, and safe-to-work.


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Ironworkers Local #55 Provides a qualified, competent workforce!

Ironworkers adopt "Standards of Excellence"


IRONWORKERS’ Standards of Excellence

The purpose of the Ironworkers’ Standards of Excellence is to reinforce the pride of every Ironworker and our commitment to be the most skilled, most productive and safest craft in the Building Trades.

As Union Ironworkers, we pledge ourselves to uphold our word, as given through our Collective Bargaining Agreement, and display the professionalism expected of our trade and Union in all aspects of our employment as exemplified by the values engrained in our Standards of Excellence.

It is a commitment to use our training and skills, each and every day, to produce the highest quality work worthy of our name and consistent with the collective bargaining agreement.

As an Iron Worker member, I agree to:

  1. Adhere to my responsibilities under the Collective Bargaining Agreement for start and quit times, as well as lunch and break times.
  2. Allow my Representatives to handle any disagreements or breaches by refusing to engage in unlawful job disruptions, slowdowns or any activities that affect our good name.
  3. Respect the Customer’s and Employer’s rights, property and tools as I do my own.
  4. Meet my responsibility to show up every day; outfitted for work and fit for duty without engaging in substance abuse.
  5. Cooperate with the Customer and Employer to meet their statutory, regulatory and contractual responsibilities to maintain a safe, healthy and sanitary workplace.
  6. Do my best to work in a manner consistent with the quality, productivity and safety of every task that I am assigned.
  7. Do my best to help every co-worker return home safe at the conclusion of every shift.

The Ironworkers’ Standards of Excellence will increase the pride, the productivity and the craftsmanship of every Ironworker throughout North America. This commitment will improve work place conditions, increase work opportunities, and help maintain our wages, benefits and standard of living. In addition, the Standards of Excellence will help our signatory employers complete their projects on time, on budget with no injuries or accidents.

In accordance with Article XXVI of the International Constitution, charges may be preferred against any member for violations of the Ironworkers’ Standards of Excellence, including but not limited to the following reasons:

  • Taking a job referral and not reporting to work.
  • Failing pre-employment qualifications.
  • Discharged for excessive absenteeism.

Fines for the first offense shall be no less than $100.00 or no more than one (1) day’s pay including fringe benefits and working assessments.

I acknowledge this responsibility and pledge my word to do the same.

The ironworkers have embraced the Great Lakes Construction Alliance of Northwest Ohio’s "Code of Excellence"

Download the GLCA “Code of Excellence” here

Highly trained, skilled craftsmen!

Members of Local #55 have a vested interest in training for the future. The Ironworkers provide an extensive apprenticeship program, which is located behind the union hall at 1080 Atlantic Ave. The school offers courses that provide students with expertise in various aspects of the industry. Classes including, but not limited to are first and foremost safety, welding, rigging, structural steel, blue print reading, ornamental iron, reinforcing steel, pre-engineered metal buildings, fence, tool orientation, and forklift certification. Each apprentice must meet the minimum of 816 class hours and 6,000 hours of on the job training, to qualify for journeyman status.

After these minimum class hours and on the job training hours are completed, not only will an apprentice earn journeyman status, but also 36 credit hours toward a construction technology degree at Owens Community College.

The Ironworkers provide an extensive apprenticeship program, which is located behind the union hall at 1080 Atlantic Ave.

The training never stops!
After completing their extensive training in the apprenticeship school, Ironworkers Local #55 offers journeyman upgrade classes. Advanced technology, changing regulations, increased productivity demand, and workplace diversity make this a necessity. From OSHA 30 outreach training, MSHA part 46, 48, American Welding Society classes and certification, first aid/CPR, blueprint reading, laser transit-level layout, scaffold erection, lead hazard training, aerial lift, post tensioning, hazardous material handling certification, advanced rigging classes and foreman training, are just a few of the upgrades that keep the members of Local #55 on the leading edge of modern construction technology.

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